Payroll ADvice

Payroll Services

Free Tax Advice Tax ADVICE has an experienced, specialist team, which covers all aspects of payroll functions, providing a full bureau service to business from all commercial sectors. We currently run many payrolls for organisations of various sizes dealing with all directors and employees.

Our role is to provide your business with a flexible, complete debt advice payroll service, tailored to meet your own needs. We aim to relieve you of the administrative burden by offering you our cost-effective all-encompassing solution to relieve you of those stressful payroll routines.

Why is the service flexible?

Payroll periods can be weekly, monthly or annually.
Combinations of payroll periods can be operated within one organisation.

Process your payroll to your timetable. We have the resources to process your payroll within 24 hours. Servis
Payments to employees by Electronic Transmission, Autopay, Cheque, or cash.
Data submissions by phone, fax, e-mail or post.

Why is the service complete?

Covering all the more complex issues contained within completion of the payroll including tax credits, pension deductions and accurate calculation of SMP and SSP.

Production of security payslips for complete secrecy of sensitive pay details.

Production of payroll summaries, detailing Gross Pay to Nett and other alterations.
Production of reports to meet the requirements of the Inland Revenue.
Production of forms P45 for employees leaving.
Preparation of end of year returns P35 and forms P14/P60.
Free use of our electronic transmission facility giving you easy access to the most secure and cost effective method of payment of employees directly into their bank accounts.
Calculation and control of payments to the Inland Revenue.
Why is the service cost-effective?

The charges we quote include all aspects of our payroll service. Budgeting for the future is simple with no annual charges and no hidden costs!